Lil Wayne – “Single” Official Video

24 04 2010

My friend told me last night that Lil Wayne finally released an official video for “Single” from his No Ceilings mixtape… Since I no longer get MTV Jamz #SideEye I haven’t been able to see it… But here you all go:

“If ya single… Put ya hands up!”

New Videos… Melanie Fiona & Drake

12 04 2010

I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is posting videos but oh well… I love music that much and I love creative music videos also…

Below is Melanie Fiona’s video for her single “Ayo”… If you haven’t heard her album, you’re slipping… She can sing and she’s bad!

Even though I’m done with Drake until his album drops, I don’t really like “Over” and his voice annoys me on this song except on the part where he speeds up, here is his new video for it… If his album doesn’t drop this summer MAN! He better give it up! Check it out below:

Kiely Williams of 3LW’s Video…. UMM? Say what now?!?

6 04 2010

So as I’m perusing the Internet this morning, I run across this video of Kiely Williams’ (Ya’ll remember the one with the lisp from 3LW), called “Spectacular”… Ya’ll HAVE to check this mess out!!

This is a complete and utter MESS!! All I can do is laugh at this foolishness!