Really Tiger?

4 01 2010

LOL! When will they learn?

Two months ago Tiger Woods was nothing but a do-good, straight-laced Caublanasian. Now he looks like he’s working out on the prison yard on the February cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

If he doesn’t need to hire a new PR person, I don’t know who does!




5 responses

4 01 2010

ewww tiger gross. lol
that looks so prison-esque.

4 01 2010
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5 01 2010

ggggiiirrll you know how I feel about that picture!! 🙂

Ironically, those pics were taken in 06…Vanity Fair just releasing them at the RIGHT time haha

5 01 2010

That’s very interesting information!! I wish just wish he wasn’t wearing the hat or carrying those dumbbells… lol

14 01 2010

omg-he’s beautiful. In a tu-pac sorta way.
Definitely looks like a prison yard picture!!!

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