“Loose it & Let it go…”

3 01 2010

Today I went to church for the first Sunday of the year and the sermon was just for me… The topic for today was “Loose it and let it go”, similar to what Jesus told those that tried to keep Lazarus dead in the Gospel of John. What my pastor was saying spoke to me because in 2009 I had a lot going on, I did certain things that I had not done before, and things that I shouldn’t have done… 2010 is the year to be free and let go of all the baggage, pain, and heartache that I felt last year… 2010 is my year 🙂

Here are some of the points that stood out in the sermon:

1. “Loose him and let him go…”

2. “You can’t make somebody love you…”

3. “Everybody is not meant to be a parent…”

4. “You can’t buy love…”

I decided to add this to my blog as an inspirational message for myself and for those who decide to read it… I wish I could post a recording or video of it on here… Nonetheless, it’s a new year… It’s time to let go of the past and be free…

“Loose it and let it go… Get rid of all the baggage that you had from last year and be free… It’s a new year and what you want may not be what God wants for you… Put it all in God’s hands.”

Peace & Blessings all…




One response

6 02 2010
Trina Dancy

Interesting…Hope you follow this advice. Never sell your soul to the devil!
I read all your articles. You know I enjoyed your blackness! Some of it sounds like me!

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